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Introducing FastScann. Fundamentally designed and engineered to replace traditional Cannabis testing methods. FastScann is a rapid, accurate and decentralized cannabis testing solution.  

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Eliminate production bottlenecks to save time and money.

The FastScann platform helps you eliminate production bottlenecks, reduce operational costs, and bring your products to market faster.


No longer do you have to wait days or weeks for test results.

Rapid, Accurate, Portable and Easy to Use

Lab on a chip

Testing cannabis is hard.

Testing cannabis products is really hard. If you don't have tons of capital and expertise to set up your own lab, then you have to send out your product to a testing lab, wait weeks, and then finally get your results back. Even if you have your own lab, the maintenance, costs, and resource consumption it takes adds up.

What about if you could get your results back in real time? If you could monitor your crops day to day, or your extracts as soon as your extraction is done?


With FastScann, you can

Introducing FastScann

  • A lab-on-a-chip test that rapidly tests cannabis samples for key potency makers (THC, THCa, CBD, CBDa).
  • Allows LP's to make informed and real time decisions about their processes.
  • Easy to use, with minimal training. No calibration, no maintenance.

Key Features


Producing results in just 5 minutes, FastScann lets you monitor your processes in real time.  


Approaching traditional lab based accuracy but in a hand held device, FastScann gives you confidence in the potency of your products.

Easy to Use & Decentralized

With just a few minutes of training, anyone, anywhere in your facility can be generating potency results.      

We bring the lab to you

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