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Job Title & Description: Electrochemical Sensor Scientist

This role presents an opportunity for a driven individual to be a part of an R&D team in an exciting young venture. The successful individual will be an expert in electrochemistry on a small R&D team consisting of chemists, physicists and engineers that is working on research, development, iteration, and implementation of innovative rapid sensor devices in Ekidna Sensing’s products. You will have opportunities for IP generation, stakeholder interactions, and development of new sensing capabilities. We are looking for a hands-on individual who is excited to be involved in multiple aspects of the company, and willing to contribute significantly to the company’s growth. You will play a key role in Ekidna’s R&D efforts, and work to shape the future of the sensors and underlying concepts that drive Ekidna’s business.


About Ekidna Sensing

Ekidna Sensing Inc, a biotech startup located in Ottawa, is building technology solutions for the legal Cannabis industry. We have developed a rapid, accurate, and portable cannabis testing solution to help licensed producers eliminate production bottlenecks, reduce operational costs, and bring their products to market faster. Ekidna Sensing mission is to democratize industrial testing so that everyone has the information they need to run their operations. Ekidna Sensing is entering a period of rapid growth and offers an exciting opportunity to be a part of a startup with large potential.



  • Plan, develop, and perform research activities in line with the company’s business objectives around innovative, portable, and rapid chemical sensor devices
  • To be on the lookout for and actively participate in the search for new business and IP opportunities through R&D work
  • Work closely with an interdisciplinary R&D team
  • Write technical papers, reports and prepare standards and specifications for processes, white papers, patents, and experiments
  • Ensure experimental work is properly recorded, analyzed and reported. Maintain rigorous scientific standards
  • Maintain laboratory instruments



  • PhD (Science/Engineering) with a focus on electrochemistry, chemical/bio-sensors, organic chemistry, materials science, or related field (or Masters with additional experience)
  • Must have extensive wet lab experience• Portfolio of relevant work (publications, patents, white papers, etc)
  • Experience collaborating with other R&D colleagues a must
  • Experience with R&D work leading to patent drafting and applications an asset
  • Strong background in some of: sensor development, electrochemistry, analytical chemistry, data analysis, material science, simulation, small molecule interactions, are all an asset
  • Experience with various analytical techniques such as: cyclic voltammetry, NMR, HPLC, spectroscopy, EIS, etc. all an asset
  • Work in Ottawa, Ontario with regular presence in lab/design facilities.


If you would like to apply, please email your CV to nic@ekidnasensing.com asap.



Electrochemical Sensor Scientist


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